The Okanagan Falls and the Okanagan Valley as a whole is an extremely important fruit and wine producing area. Okanagan Falls is extremely proud of the excellent reputation, rave media reviews and prestigious awards that vineyards and wineries have earned for themselves in recent years.

Our region is lush with orchards of apricot, cherry, peach and apple trees. Throughout the summer and autumn months, local shops, farmers markets and roadside fruit stands brim with local produce as they come into season.

Fruits in Season
  • Cherries (June 15 - July 30)
  • Apricots (July 15 - August 15)
  • Peaches (July 15 - August 15)
  • Pears (July 15 - October 15)
  • Apples (July 15- October 30)
  • Plums (August 15 - September 20)
  • Grapes (September 5 - October 30)


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