Work in Area "D"

Grow your Business

Look beyond our long, hot, sunny summers, mild winters, stunning vistas and year-round recreational opportunities and you'll find a place that is alive with economic growth potential and unrivalled business opportunities.

The economy of Okanagan Falls and area is evolving. The traditional orchard/farming and cattle industries remain active. The area now boasts over 600 acres of vineyards and over a dozen wineries. Tourism is growing and opportunities exist to expand, especially in the adventure, cultural and environmental tourism markets. Several manufacturing businesses have set up shop in the area which provides excellent opportunities for living here.

Okanagan Falls features independent merchants of all kinds: baker, doctors, restauranteurs, artisans, coffee shop proprietors, shopkeepers, book dealers, a veterinarian, and numerous antique and vintage shops. Essential services consist of a credit union, elementary school, gas station, liquor store, pub, pharmacy and a large grocery store. Okanagan Falls is the southern retail and service hub offering friendly hospitality and both business and employment opportunities.